The leading UK commercial Infrared solutions provider for Comfort Heating

Green Energy is part of the Herschel Energy Group: the world's leading Far Infrared heating supplier, offering the broadest range of Infrared Heaters to fit the widest possible range of applications.

We are the UK market-leader in delivering commercial Far Infrared heating solutions for Comfort Heating (i.e. heating people). We were the first company to introduce Far Infrared Heating to the UK and now have the most experience & the largest installations across the country.

We are the UK's main dealer for Herschel Far Infrared heaters.

We support Herschel products with the best customer guarantees available and the only Infrared installer training in the UK. No wonder so many customers and installers are switching to our proven solutions. You could too!

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How does Infrared Heating Work?

About Infrared Heaters

The future of heating is here today. Learn how Far Infrared heating works and what makes it so energy-efficient. Learn about the health benefits and benefits in damp and old buildings.

Herschel - The world's broadest range of Far Infrared heaters for the widest possible uses

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Herschel offers the world's broadest range of IR heaters: indoor panel heaters for domestic or commercial use; commercial space heaters; outdoor patio heaters; mobile units for flood recovery and envirnment control. Herschel has a heater for every possible use.

Cost-savings using Infrared

Saving Money using Infrared

Infrared Heating will save you money over your existing heating solution. We can show you how infrared compares against most other types of heater commonly used in homes, offices and indoor and outdoor spaces.

Find out how we delivered savings to other clients

Case Studies

Our catalogue of client successes is large and the ways Herschel heaters can be used are impressive. Have a look at our "Case studies" to find out more.

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Free Membership - Herschel Infrared Technology Centre

Learn all you need to know about Herschel Far Infrared, the heating system that is revolutionising the way we heat ourselves. It's FREE and easy....

Our commitment to our dealers and customers is to share our unrivalled expertise and know-how to provide you the best support.

We have captured this in a series of online videos on:

- How Herschel Infrared works (for everyone)

- How to plan and install Infrared (for installers)

- Accreditation Course (for dealers and installers).

Membership benefits of our training network include regular news, product offers and project opportunities.

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