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The first company to bring Far Infrared Heating to the UK; with the most experience & the largest installations country-wide.

Green Energy eu is the UK market-leader in Far Infrared Heating. We specialise in the low-cost heating solution that is revolutionising an entire industry by offering the best products at the best price, with the best supporting knowledge in the industry.No wonder so many customers and installers are switching to our proven solutions. You could too!

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We use the best energy-saving products on the market, to bring the greatest possible energy and financial savings to the best clients.


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Find our new outdoor heater range here: Herschel Aspect Outdoor Heaters. - Apr 23

February Newsletter - Mar 04
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Our article in Ceramicx "Heatworks" magazine Feb 27.

World-leading Infrared Manufacturer, Ceramicx Ireland chooses our training portal to host their courseware. Feb 14

We launch our own brand infrared panel - The "Herschel"
See announcement; See the Herschel Website
- Nov 25


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How does Infrared Heating Work?

About Infrared Heaters

The future of heating is here today. Learn how Far Infrared heating works and what makes it so energy-efficient. Learn about the health benefits and benefits in damp and old buildings.

The widest range of Far Infrared heaters in the UK

Look at our heaters

We offer the widest range of infrared heaters in the UK. From indoor panel heaters for domestic or commercial use, to indoor commercial space heaters to outdoor heaters for patios, terraces and conservatories.

Cost-savings using Infrared

Saving Money using Infrared

Infrared Heating offers cost-savings over your existing heating solution. Click on "Saving Money" to see how infrared compares against most other types of heater commonly used in homes and offices. You can also use our calculators to see typical cost savings for yourself.

Find out how we delivered savings to other clients

Case Studies

To get a taste of how we monitor and manage results for clients, ensuring they get the efficiencies they were originally seeking. Click on "Case studies" to find out more.

Save energy and money through knowledge

Knowledge Centre

We are the UK knowledge leader in Infrared Heating. Find past blog posts, articles, links to our training courses and other resources in our Knowledge Centre.

A guiding hand

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Alternatively if you just want to call for guidance, or to discuss any of your options before looking through the site, please use the "Get in touch" button below where you will find all our contact details and a form to leave more detailed questions. We'll be happy to help!

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Green Energy (eu) is the UK market leader in Far Infrared Heating, offering best quality products at the best price, with the best supporting knowledge.

In February 2013 we were proud to launch our online Training Portal a deliberate attempt to move away from Brands and answer the bigger questions about the market.

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